Kevin Sweeney: Mushrooms, Mystics, and Jesus

June 10, 2022 01:12:50
Kevin Sweeney: Mushrooms, Mystics, and Jesus
Inverse Podcast
Kevin Sweeney: Mushrooms, Mystics, and Jesus

Jun 10 2022 | 01:12:50


Show Notes

KEVIN SWEENEY is co-founder and lead pastor of Imagine Church—an urban church in Honolulu that is welcoming of all people, sees imagination as the key to the future, chooses authenticity over performance, substance over hype, and quality over quantity.

He is the host of the podcast “The Church Needs Therapy” and is the author of the forthcoming books, “The Making of a Mystic: My Journey with Mushrooms, My Life as a Pastor, and Why It’s Okay For Everyone to Relax,” out on May 31st, and “The Joy of Letting Go” which will be out in January 2023. Both on Quoir Publishing.

He lives In Honolulu with his wife and co-founder of Imagine, Christine, and their two kids, True and Mikayla.


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