The Nonviolent Atonement with J. Denny Weaver

August 10, 2021 00:57:40
The Nonviolent Atonement with J. Denny Weaver
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The Nonviolent Atonement with J. Denny Weaver

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It was a pleasure to conclude our Subversive Seminary reading of The Nonviolent Atonement by J Denny Weaver with the author, himself.

J. Denny Weaver is professor emeritus of Religion of Bluffton (Ohio) University where he taught in the Religion Department for thirty-one years. He has written more than a dozen books as well as many book chapters and articles in Anabaptist and systematic theology, with a particular interest on issues of violence and social justice in atonement and Christological imagery.

Alongside his well-known books The Nonviolent Atonement and The Nonviolent God, his recent publications include God without Violence, second edition (Cascade Books, 2020) which has a new chapter on nonviolent activism, and additions on Black theology and the Doctrine of Discovery; and Nonviolent Word, co-authored with Gerald J. Mast (Pickwick Publications, 2020) which has chapters on how and why white churches should listen to Black churches, and on nonviolent activism. He is a member of Madison (Wisconsin) Mennonite

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