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Nonviolent Atonement Series: Dr Richard Crane

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Nonviolent Atonement Series: Dr Richard Crane

Richard D. Crane is Professor of Theology at Messiah University. Joining us for our Nonviolent Atonements series, you can find his essay "Rethinking the Grammar of Atonement: Forgiveness, Judgment, and Apocalyptic Recapitulation" published in "Perspectives in Religious Studies" in 2019.

He is currently working on a manuscript with Cascade Publishers entitled "God's Apocalyptic Insurrection: Rethinking Salvation After 2020." He has also published a range of other essays in academic journals and multi-author books.

Along with teaching, Richard Crane is also currently a J. D. Candidate at Seton Hall University School of Law, anticipating graduation in 2023. This summer, he is doing a legal internship for Legal Aid of Milwaukee, where he is contributing to the legal representation of persons with low incomes facing eviction. Richard is married to Mary Tomski Crane and has two children (Rebecca and Richard Joseph) and 2 grandchildren (Colton and Ian).

He is not only a colleague and friend but also a former professor of Drew Hart!


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