Dr Chris Green, Pentecostalism, and Nonviolent Atonement Pt II: Nonviolent Atonement Series

July 19, 2021 02:11:31
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Dr Chris Green, Pentecostalism, and Nonviolent Atonement Pt II: Nonviolent Atonement Series

Show Notes

Note, this is Part II of our conversation with Dr Chris Green. Please go back if you have not listened to part I! Dr Chris Green is Professor of Public Theology at Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL), Teaching Pastor at Sanctuary Church (Tulsa, OK), and Director for St Anthony Institute of Theology and Philosophy. He is the author and editor of a number of books, including most recently Surprised by God, The End is Music, and the 2nd edition of Sanctifying Interpretation. His current research focuses on the doctrine of God, theology and the arts, the problem of evil, and the history of race and racism in the Pentecostal tradition. He and his wife, Julie, live in Tulsa with their three kids: Zoë, Clive, and Emery. 

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