Becoming Recovering Racists with Idelette McVicker

June 22, 2022 01:23:26
Becoming Recovering Racists with Idelette McVicker
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Becoming Recovering Racists with Idelette McVicker

Show Notes

Idelette McVicker

Idelette McVicker is the author of Recovering Racists: Dismantling White Supremacy and Reclaiming Our Humanity. She is also the founder of SheLoves Media Society and the Dangerous Women community. She was born as a white, Afrikaans woman in South Africa during the apartheid years, which profoundly shaped her quest for Love, justice, liberation and repair. Before moving to Canada, she worked as a journalist in Taiwan. Idelette is married to Scott and they have three teenagers, two dogs and a restaurant.

You can find her at, on Twitter at @idelette and on Instagram at @idelettemcvicker

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(Brazos Press, Spring 2022)



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