The Kingdom of God and the Qumran Community with Dr. Rebecca Harris

January 26, 2022 01:17:57
The Kingdom of God and the Qumran Community with Dr. Rebecca Harris
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The Kingdom of God and the Qumran Community with Dr. Rebecca Harris

Jan 26 2022 | 01:17:57


Show Notes

Dr. Rebecca Harris is Assistant Professor of Bible at Messiah University. Her research and writing focus on early Jewish literature, particularly the Dead Sea Scrolls and the eschatological beliefs of the group that preserved them.

Dr. Harris grew up in San Jose, California, attended a small Bible college in the Santa Cruz mountains, and graduated with a degree in church leadership. After serving in pastoral leadership (children’s ministry) for five years, she decided to further her education by pursuing a graduate degree in biblical studies. Two master’s degrees and one Ph.D. later, she now teaches classes on biblical interpretation, New Testament literature, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the ancient Near Eastern to Hellenistic contexts of biblical literature.

In addition to her work on early Jewish literature, Dr. Harris is currently working on a collaborative project designed to produce Bible curriculum (for children and families) informed by biblical studies and sociological perspectives. One of the goals is to address the normalizing of Whiteness and Eurocentrism that continue to proliferate in the majority of children’s Bible curriculum currently on the market.


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