Ben Lee: The First 19 Albums Are the Hardest

November 18, 2021 01:08:51
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Ben Lee: The First 19 Albums Are the Hardest

Show Notes

In his 30-year music career, Australian music legend Ben Lee has been gloriously prolific and unpredictable. There have been chart hits (Cigarettes Will Kill You, Gamble Everything For Love, We're All in This Together and Catch My Disease – "That one's put food on the table more than a few times,” he says). An instrumental album inspired by the use of psychoactive drugs (Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work). An album for kids (Ben Lee Sings Songs About Islam For The Whole Family).

Ben Lee’s forthcoming album “I’m Fun!” truly is. In this episode, he reflects on the Torah portion set for his bar mitzvah, his 30 years in the spotlight and the charts, and the danger of conspiracies for those interested in spirituality.


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