Ash London: Deconstruction and the Good Samaritan

January 17, 2022 00:56:47
Ash London: Deconstruction and the Good Samaritan
Inverse Podcast
Ash London: Deconstruction and the Good Samaritan

Jan 17 2022 | 00:56:47


Show Notes

Entertainment guru, Ash London, is renowned for her authentic music passion and ability to connect with the biggest artists on planet earth, Ash began her career in music journalism nearly 10 years ago. She got her big break hosting Network Ten’s flagship music show The Loop alongside Scott Tweedie.

Ash has hosted multiple shows including Take 40 Australia, 2Day FM Breakfast, Shazam Top20, and Ash London LIVE. From a 48-hour trip to Paris for a chat with Taylor Swift, to a weekend in London to see Harry Styles’ first-ever solo show, Ash will do whatever it takes to bring the best music experiences alive for listeners around Australia, and those streaming across the globe. 2019 saw a return to television for Ash, co-hosting MTV’s flagship show TRL, as well as joining the cast of Network Ten’s Have You Been Paying Attention?

With a keen interest in mindfulness, she is currently studying her post-grad in Psychology and hopes to integrate this into her media career. Despite her achievements across a career spanning 10 years, her greatest one to date is still playing mum to her rescue greyhound Honey. The light of her life! She is also an ambassador for Greyhound Rescue NSW.


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