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Inverse Podcast belongs to the ones who are dissatisfied with the Bible being used to justify hatred.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Nekeisha Alayna Alexis: Womanist Anarchism while White Evangelicals ask for a King

    Nekeisha Alayna Alexis is a Black Trinidadian woman, academic-activist situated in the U.S.A. who has worked on a number of issues affecting marginalized communities, from anti-war organizing in New York City to the ongoing efforts to restore a local community center in Elkhart. She writes, publishes, and speaks on racism ...


  2. Van Badham: Marxism, Jerry Falwell Jr. & John the Baptist

    Van Badham is Jordan Peterson’s favourite Marxist Christian to mock. Writer, Activist, co-host of the Weekly On Wednesday podcast and regular columnist for The Guardian, Van is a prolific voice for justice. In this episode, Drew and Jarrod discuss Luke 3:1-20 with Van, and discuss her faith, her love for ...


  3. Sandra Van Opstal -Hearing Amos Over the Noise of the Priests of Bethel

    In this moment we need to hear from Pastor Sandra Van Opstal. Celebrity worship pastors using their social media to shut down people lifting up Amos. Other celebrity worship leaders lead revivals that provide the soundtrack for Trump-style white supremacy that risks more lives during a pandemic that has claimed ...


  4. Patricia Ho - Human Rights Law & Shining like Stars

    Patricia Ho is the founder of the Hong Kong Dignity Institute, a trauma informed approach to defending and advancing the rights of vulnerable people including asylum seekers/refugees, transgender persons, domestic helpers, sex workers and victims of human trafficking by challenging government policies and law. It’s a wonderful look behind the ...


  5. Dr. Reggie Williams - Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus & BLM

    As you can hear from Drew and Jarrod’s excitement, they *loved* this episode. Dr. Reggie Williams is a legend. His book **“Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus: Harlem Renaissance Theology and an Ethic of Resistance”** is an award winning work reconsidering the shape of Dietrich Bonhoeffer resistance to the Nazi’s through the influence ...