Race, Place, and Catastrophe

December 08, 2021 00:05:40
Race, Place, and Catastrophe
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Race, Place, and Catastrophe

Show Notes

OUR 1st Conference!!! With @easternmennoniteu!

There are 2 million podcasts in the world today, and you have put us in the top 1% of listened-to podcasts. Yep, in the world. Thank you.

And thanks to you, @InVersePodcast has grown from a popular podcast to a global community who together are decolonizing faith, disarming hope, and learning to live that liberating love found in Jesus of Nazareth. 

Yet Dr @druhart & I share this conviction: information ≠ transformation. Transformation requires community, embodiment, economic redistribution, and mutuality. One of the incredible things we’ve seen the Spirit do during the pandemic is knit together several incredible formation communities across the planet. 


That’s why we are excited to announce @easternmennoniteu (world-renowned for their Conflict Transformation programs) has invited our InVerse Collective to join them for their Eastern Mennonite Seminary’s School for Leadership Conference. The conference is on discipleship at the intersections of “Race, Place, and [Climate] Catastrophe: Becoming Grapevine and Fig Tree Planters In a Time of Crisis”. It will be a hybrid in-person and virtual conference. 

There will be a gathering in-person at Eastern Mennonite University for people able to get to the U.S. and also on the border of the Republic of Ireland and [the] north[ern] [of] Ireland (hat time to my dear friend @padraigotuama) for those able to get to Europe. 

As well as yet to be announced special guests, EMU has invited Dr @druhart, Carol Ng’ang’a, and myself to be keynotes. It will also include several other in-person and virtual workshops lead by our global InVerse community including Climate scientist and theologian Dr. Mick Pope, Kenyan liturgist Wanjiku Mwangi, Trawloolway Academic and Student Dean of NAIITS Down Under Naomi Wolfe, crowd favorite Robert Monson from Three Black Men Podcast, Mattaponi Tribe member and pastor Sarah Quint and, worship through gospel music by our very own Christopher Mazen and InVerse Director of Fun and Facilitator of joy Nya Abernathy (and Founder of the Dignity Effect).

Click here to learn more and register:


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