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Inverse Podcast belongs to the ones who are dissatisfied with the Bible being used to justify hatred.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Father Bob, the Oppressed, and the Founder of the Firm.

    Father Bob's Website: []( Inverse's Patreon Page: []( ...


  2. Indigenous Academics & The Bible You Never Knew

    If you are interested in the work of, or potentially studying with NAIITS: [here's your link]( And if you would like to support the production of these episodes, and join a community of world-inverting wonder, here's our [Patreon Page]( ...


  3. "More Jesus, Less Eggs" with Dr. Michael Bird

    We had the chance to chat to Dr. Michael Bird in front of a live audience in Melbourne. Both funny and profound, this epidsode is one of our favourites. [Dr. Michael's Blog]( To support the Podcast and help get the episodes out quicker: [Patreon]( ...


  4. Lisa Sharon Harper on meeting Jesus in the Text

    [Lisa's Website]( [Lisa's book "The Very Good Gospel"]( Our friend's new podcast! [The Good Vote]( ...


  5. Wil Anderson's Golden Rule

    Wil Anderson, Comedian, TV Host, All-Round Decent Human Being shares how doing unto others has surprising implications. ...