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Inverse Podcast belongs to the ones who are dissatisfied with the Bible being used to justify hatred.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Wess Daniels: 666 & Resisting Empire

    The book of Revelation is used by televangelist to do untold craziness. Yet our mate Dr. Wess Daniels’ new book “Resisting Empire” asks, "what if the book of Revelation was rescued from revenge fantasies to again encourage Christ-like communities to resist the dehumanising forces of empire?" C. Wess Daniels is ...


  2. Samuel Sarpiya: No Salvation without the Kingdom

    My dear friend and collaborator, Samuel Sarpiyra, is an award winning Nigerian peacemaker, church planter, Kingian community organiser and entrepreneur. Samuel inspires me! Samuel opens up for us Matthew 9:35-38 and we discuss community development in South Africa, church planting in America, and his work confronting and transforming police violence. ...


  3. Ekemini Uwan: Cosmology of the Cross

    New co-host Dr. Drew Hart and Jarrod McKenna open up Matthew 27 with public theologian and advocate Ekemini Uwan. Support us on our [Patreon Page]( ...


  4. New Season. New Co-host.

    Jarrod kicks off season 3 by introducing his new Inverse co-host, Dr. Drew Hart. Support us on our [Patreon Page]( ...


  5. Alice Fraser: Arguing With Yourself in Public

    To support us via Patreon: []( Alice Fraser, corporate law drop out, comedian, in fact the smartest in Australia. Makes jokes in bios about being a terrible banjo player. She likes ideas. She's an idea-interested obsessive. She's also a fellow podcaster: [Tea With Alice]( []( ...