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Inverse Podcast belongs to the ones who are dissatisfied with the Bible being used to justify hatred.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Dr Randy Woodley: An Indigenous Vision of Creator Christ

    Theologian Dr Randy Woodley is a Keetoowah Cherokee First Nations elder, University professor, author and leader. He generously invites us to decolonise our Christology by seeing Christ as Creator, decolonise our understanding of the ‘kingdom’ by seeing it as the healing of the ‘community of creation’, and to decolonise our ...


  2. Praise & Protest- Common Hymnal’s Brittney Spencer and Malcolm du Plessis

    Brittney Spencer is a songwriter-singer who sung and recorded with United Pursuit, Carrie Underwood, Carl Thomas, Jason Nelson and Twinkie Clark of The Clark Sisters, to name a few. While working as a minister of music at a progressive historic Black Church (AME) in Baltimore, Brittney was exposed to the ...


  3. Ps Mike McBride: #BlackLivesMatter feat. Flewnt

    Pastor Michael McBride is a nationally respected faith leader who was active in the Ferguson uprisings and many subsequent uprisings including this current global #BlackLivesMatter moment. “Pastor Mike” as he’s affectionately know on this streets, helps bridge, train and support millennials and religious institutions working on racial justice and black ...


  4. #BLM & ‘A Hidden Life’ w Brian Zahnd and John Dear

    With our friends Brian Zahnd and Nobel Peace prize nominee John Dear we discuss this moment, Terrence Malick’s new film ‘An Hidden Life’ and the witness of Franziska and Franz Jägerstätter. Before our discussion we hear from the streets of #BlackLivesMatter protests, this time from long term Aboriginal activist, Aunty ...


  5. BLM and “He Ain’t Here! Go Outside!” w Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews & Aunty Donna Nelson

    Our friend Rev Michael-Ray Mathews brings over 30 years of leadership experience – as a senior pastor, grassroots leader, psalmist and community organizer – to his exploration of Mark 16:1-8 and tells us “Jesus ain’t in the church, get outside!” Rev Michael-Ray is the deputy Director for Faith in Action. ...