Liberating Liturgies: Formation To Undo Domination with Terrance Hawkins

August 28, 2023 01:03:42
Liberating Liturgies: Formation To Undo Domination with Terrance Hawkins
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Liberating Liturgies: Formation To Undo Domination with Terrance Hawkins

Aug 28 2023 | 01:03:42


Show Notes

We’re continuing on with our latest series; Liberating Liturgies: Formation To Undo Domination. This week our guest is Terrance Hawkins.

Terrance Hawkins is a follower of Jesus, a father, a son and practitioner of the Black Radical Church Tradition, and a life-long resident of Winston-Salem, NC. He has built in solidarity with his community as an organizer, pastor, and an artist for close to two decades. Terrance is the co-founder of a collective of local activists called the Drum Majors Alliance, the founder/director of Lit City (a youth development initiative), & currently serves as the co-director for the School of Love—an alternative spiritual community and cohort geared towards cultivating rhythms of radical discipleship. He co-authored the book “Liberating Church: A 21st Century Hush Harbor Manifesto.”

In this series, we explore the witness of communal spiritualities that have provided an embodied Christ-like counter story to Christendom’s accommodation to domination, empire and colonisation.

Much like our “Nonviolent Atonements” series, alongside exploring with surprising people how the Scriptures can turn our world upside down.

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