Carol Ng'ang'a and the Parable of the Unjust Judge

May 24, 2021 01:08:02
Inverse Podcast
Carol Ng'ang'a and the Parable of the Unjust Judge

Show Notes

Carol Ng’ang’a is a very dear friend of the Inverse community, and is a key part of leading our Subversive Seminary and Liberating Sunday School groups weekly. She is a community development practitioner, and has a BTh in Community Development from Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town. Carol has spent the last ten years walking alongside various communities towards interventions for their empowerment. In July 2017, Carol founded Msingi Trust whose aim is to ‘Mobilize, inspire, equip, and network Christians and community leaders towards social justice, social activism, and social transformation.’ Carol was part of the first 2018 Tearfund Young Theologian prgroam, and is currently part of 2020’s Inspired Individuals program. Msingi Talks is a podcast hosted by Msingi Trust that ventures deeper and makes connections in the world of faith advocacy activism. To support the work of Msingi Trust and the production of this podcast, please consider making a donation via Paypal: [email protected] Mpesa: +254 792 176 030 Follow Msingi on [Twitter]( and [Instagram]( @msingitrust Follow Drew Hart on [Instagram]( and [Twitter]( @druhart. Follow Jarrod McKenna on [Instagram]( and [Twitter]( @jarrodmckenna. Discover our global community on [Twitter]( and [Instagram]( @inversepodcast. Become a Patron of Inverse at Inverse is produced by [Julie Kerr ]( with music provided by [David Andrew ](

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